Our Projects Committee

Dr Elizabeth White


Head of Research and Development
College of Occupational Therapists

Ms Mary Chapman

Manual Handling Advisor
Royal United Hospital, Bath

Professor Richard Cheston

Chair of Mental Health Research
University of the West of England

Dr Fiona Finlay

Consultant Paediatrician, Community Child Health
Sirona Care & Health

Dr Emma Frampton

Consultant in Palliative Medicine
Dorothy House Hospice

Ms Libby Gawith

Civil Engineer

Professor Richie Gill

Healthcare Engineering
University of Bath

Mr Lindsay Grant

Consultant Clinical Engineer

Mr Lawrence Griffiths

Consulting Electronic Engineer

Professor Nigel Harris

Director of Designability

Mrs Alex Leach

Commercial Manager of Designability

Mr James Stuart-Smith

Director at Astor-Bannerman

Mr Steve Tanner

Engineering and Manufacturing Consultant

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