Our Research

We pioneer user-led research that enhances lives.

Research is where we start. We investigate areas of unmet need and apply research methodology to measure the outcomes and benefits of the intervention. This ensures we’re developing solutions that really work.

Our core research themes

  • Medical engineering
  • Children’s mobility and seating
  • Technology for people living with cognitive impairments
    and dementia
  • Technology for the ageing population

We want to make a difference

Dissemination of knowledge is key to advancement and we publish the results of our work in scientific journals. Our work influences opinion.

We thrive in partnerships

Partnerships are very important to us.

All of our research relies on strong user involvement.

We also work collaboratively with the best local and national academic and healthcare partners.

Many of our projects are carried out with a multidisciplinary team of researchers, drawing on each person’s expertise.

We also seek commercial partners to exploit the results of our research, as we believe this is an effective way to make new products available.

Our funding

Our research is funded through a mixture of charitable donations, European research grants, and research councils such as the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Our researchers        

We have research leads for Mechanical engineering and Medical engineering. They are academic researchers who have honorary positions with the University of Bath. They work with other members of our team specialising in design, electronics, software, occupational therapy, user interface design and medical physics.

Alongside this we have postgraduate and undergraduate students working here, or with our university partners, to support specific research projects as part of their scientific training.

Visit Our Researchers for more detailed information on individuals.

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