Free Wizzybug

FREE Wizzybugs through our UK loan scheme

Wizzybug is the fun and innovative powered wheelchair for children aged 14 months – 5 years

Our Wizzybug Loan Scheme provides fun, powered wheelchairs to children under 5 with a disability completely free of charge.

Wizzybug provides children with the chance to learn vital movement skills, develop spatial awareness and be able to play with their friends and family independently.

There is generally no NHS funding for powered mobility for children aged 14 months – 5 years so, we identified a need and went on a mission to solve it. Thanks to generous donations and passionate fundraisers, we able to loan our Wizzybugs to children all over the UK.

Families can have a Wizzybug for as long as the child can benefit (this is usually until they outgrow it) and when they have completed their loan, they return their Wizzybug and we refurbish it for another family.

Visit the Wizzybug page to learn more about them. If you would like to apply to the loan scheme, please have your child’s therapist contact the Wizzybug Occupational Therapy team on 01225 824103.

Could you help to support our loan scheme? We need your help to continue to build Wizzybugs.

Watch Wizzy and Daisy’s Day to see the benefits of paediatric powered mobility:


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