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Steve’s Day Clock

Steve was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago. He uses our Day Clock and finds it really “makes life easier”.

Steve still lives at home independently so his granddaughter, Emma, ensures he’s safe living on his own.

When he was first diagnosed, Emma said it was a “steep learning curve” for her and Steve and one of his biggest problems was time orientation.

Emma discovered, through speaking to the neighbours, that Steve would sometimes go out in the evening to get his morning paper and she was worried about him walking around, cold and confused, in the middle of the night.

Like so many of us these days, she turned to the internet to find a solution and found our Day Clock through the Alzheimer’s Society website.

Steve was reluctant to try it at first.

“What do I want that for?” was his initial response, but after only 2 weeks he had radically changed his mind. The clock was now “invaluable” and made a “massive difference” to their daily lives.

For Steve the Day Clock restored meaning to the ‘time’ displayed on his normal clock, or watch. He knew it was 9 o’clock before, but not what that meant in relation to his daily routine.

She said “it’s worth its weight in gold because you suddenly realise how much of a difference it makes to him” and “he really does believe the information it’s telling him”.

The Day Clock costs £79.99 which can be a considerable cost for someone living with dementia and their family. However, Emma explained that the difference it makes justifies the cost: “it’s such an inexpensive aid for somebody to be able to stay in their own home”. She knows that if Steve went into a nursing home “he would just lose the will to live”.

Would Emma recommend it?

“Yes, and I have!”

“I love the Day Clock – I think they’re fabulous.”

For more information: Day Clock

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