Blys Night Light

Supplier: E2L

£111.60 (Incl. VAT)

Blys™ night light is a sleek, modern light source. It provides low-level lighting that enables access to essential personal possessions during the night, without disturbing sleep.

It is controlled by a simple touch sensitive panel with choice of light intensities. Hand contact anywhere along the front panel switches the unit on and off, and the brightness can be altered by the two small ‘bright’ and ‘dim’ touch zones. Blys™ will also remember its previous light setting when switched off. It is scratch resistant, spill proof and has a non-slip surface.

The Blys™ concept originally came from our 4 year SomnIA research programme looking at optimising sleep for older people in the community and care homes.

Blys™ measures 400mm by 400mm
25mm deep
4 non-slip feet
Spill proof
Available for delivery worldwide – it has a universal power supply with mains plugs to suit your country
Power consumption is very low; less than 700mA at 5V. The unit does not get hot, even at the maximum brightness

Winner of a ‘Building Better Healthcare’ award, 2015

How to Order

Available from E2L

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