Day Clock

This is the original, tried and tested Day Clock with simple, one-screen display showing the day and time of day. It is very robust, easy to use and reliable, with over 12,000 sold to date.

How we designed it

The Day Clock was first released in 2012 after several years of detailed research by Nina Evans, Research Occupational Therapist, and Hazel Boyd, User Interface Engineer, working in close consultation with people living with dementia, their relatives and occupational therapists. The product was developed jointly with our commercial partner. It acts as a helpful reminder by constantly displaying the day of the week and whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or night.

The Day Clock has been evaluated for ease of use and benefit over a four week period with more than 120 people living with dementia. Feedback showed that the Day Clock helped with time orientation and was able to reduce anxiety, increase independence and reduce dependence on a carer.

This research and development work has been presented and published at international scientific meetings and journals.


  • Clear and simple display of the day and part of day
  • Plug and play straight from the box
  • Secure button sequencing to minimise accidental interference
  • Keeps track of the correct time when not plugged into mains electricity
  • Maintenance free usage
  • Optional corner lights for ease of use at night
  • 12 months warranty

Visit our frequently asked questions page to see if the Day Clock is the kind of product you’re looking for.


The Day Clock has won a South West Innovation Award and was a finalist in the National Dementia Care Awards.

How to order

We have a license agreement with DF Sales to manufacture and produce the Day Clock so it can reach and benefit as many people as possible across the world.

£66.66 (Excl. VAT)
£79.99 (Incl. VAT)

Available in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada from

If your organisation is interested in becoming a re-seller of the Day Clock, please contact DF Sales.

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