Free-hand Desk Clamp and Paper Holder

Supplier: Peta UK

£15.00 (Incl. VAT) for Desk Clamp and Paper Holder set

Sold individually:

£9.95 (Incl. VAT) for Desk Clamp

£6.95 (Incl. VAT) for Paper Holder


Free-hand Desk Clamp

Our Free-Hand Desk Clamp has been designed for people who predominantly rely on the use of one hand. The clamp is easy to fix and release to a table (max depth approx. 2.5 cm) or sloping writing board and holds papers firmly in place for reading, writing or craft activities.

Can be used without the Paper Holder.

Free-hand Paper Holder

Our Free-Hand Paper Holder provides the ideal solution to the problem of scissor activities requiring two hands.

Developed as an add-on product to the Free-Hand Desk Clamp, the Paper Holder allows greater versatility for desk tasks. Simply insert the page in between the two parts of the cone-shaped paper holder, find the best angle for the task, and tighten using the screw turn knob. Papers can then be held in the appropriate position for reading or cutting activities.

Must be used with “Free Hand” Desk Clamp.

How to Order

Available from Peta UK

£15.00 (Incl. VAT) for Desk Clamp and Paper Holder set

Sold individually:

£9.95 (Incl. VAT) for Desk Clamp

£6.95 (Inc. VAT) for Paper Holder

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