Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) System

Supplier: PC Werth

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Our VRA works by stimulating the child patient (ages 2-6 years) with sound, using the animated toys as a reward for reacting. This makes the audiological testing easier to carry out, especially with ‘problematic’ subjects who have limited attention span. Children tend to cooperate for longer with a VRA system and provide more reactions.The system has proved very effective in obtaining accurate aided thresholds in hearing impaired children.

The VRA has been produced for two decades and is in service in over 70 locations in the U.K. and Eire.

The VRA reward unit consists of two towers and a robust control unit, giving a choice on each side of three illuminated and animated toys. Any combination of the three can be activated by the easy to use controls.

The CE Marked system is mains powered but operates only on low voltages, controlled by the handheld control switch unit.  No batteries are required.  It can be easily integrated with any audiometer or free field setup.

System components:

  • 2 tower cabinets with black tinted front panels which conceal the toys until illuminated
  • 6 animated toys which can be controlled individually
  • 1 fused central control box
  • 1 robust handheld control with selection switches and a single activation button
  • All connection cables
  • User Guide

No tools are required to assemble the VRA system.
Assembly takes less than 30 minutes.

Dimensions of each cabinet:  approx. 450mm (width) x 450mm (depth) x 1450mm (height)
Weight of cabinet:  approx. 20 kg each
Weight of control unit, power supply and cables: less than 14 kg
Lighting: 6 x 12V 35W 600 Lumens in each

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