Keir Haines

Keir Haines

Senior Product Designer

Keir leads our product design activity and is involved in design throughout the organisation, including; new product development, delivering consultancy design and research services, and supporting our marketing activities. He has a real passion for healthcare products that are physically and emotionally desirable and deliver a positive user experience. Keir works across all design and development areas from initial idea generation right through to prototype production and supplier liaison.


BSc (Hons) Industrial Design and Technology, Loughborough University (2005)


Health Design and Technology Institute, Coventry University (2007-2013)

Industrial Designer, Bombardier Transportation Ltd (2005-2007)

Freelance design, dual language computer keyboard (2004)

Workshop Technician, Gibbons Fan Products (2003)

Expertise and interests

  • People-centred design – placing the user at the centre of a design led research and development process
  • Design research activities (trends, emerging technology and market appraisal)
  • Idea generation techniques, sketching and design visualisation
  • Industrial design styling and human factors
  • Rapid prototyping processes and techniques
  • 3D computer aided design and simulation
  • Maintaining design intent right throughout the product development process
  • Producing accessible graphic design for all

Latest blog from Keir

Turning ideas into products with real impact – a people-centred approach to design

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