Rae Baines

Rae Baines

Senior Children’s Occupational Therapist

Rae manages our Wizzybug Loan Scheme. This involves reviewing all applications to the scheme, clinical assessments with children and their families and therapists, and support throughout their loan. Rae also works with our promotions team to spread the word about the scheme and the benefits of early years powered mobility to ensure we can help as many families as possible. This includes attending events and giving presentations.


BSc Occupational Therapy

BSc Mathematics

PGCE (Teaching Mathematics)


Children’s Occupational Therapist at Claremont Special School, Bristol

Children’s Occupational Therapist with North Somerset Local Authority

Mathematics teacher at Courtlands Special School

Expertise and interests

  • Early years powered mobility
  • Children’s seating and posture
  • Working together with families, carers and health professionals
  • Rae is a leader of a well-established toddler group in her spare time

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