Zack Lyons

Zack Lyons

Research Engineer

Zack is a Doctoral Research Engineer at the University of Bath’s Centre for Digital Entertainment. He is working towards his EngD on a collaborative research project between Designability, the Centre for Digital Entertainment, and the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust. He is currently investigating the potential of virtual reality technologies in acquired brain injury rehabilitation.


BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Industrial Placement, University of Bath


Software Engineer in the Future Systems Group, Thales Air Operations, Thales UK

Teaching Assistant in the Department of Computer Science, University of Bath

Expertise and interests

  • Software accessibility solutions and personalised user interfaces
  • Rapid prototyping and iterative software development
  • Modelling of user capabilities and behaviours
  • Virtual world development, particularly modelling real world environments for safety and training simulations
  • Human Computer Interaction with an emphasis on human centred design and user experience
  • Robotics, cognitive systems and artificial intelligence
  • Engaging young people with science and technology

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